Creating sustainable decisions through community engagement

An Interview with Vivien Twyford - Author, Teacher, Community Engagement Practitioner

A PublicForum Book Talk - Thursday, 8 October 2009, 17:00 Eastern/21:00 GMT (60 minutes)
In Australasia, this event will take place on the morning of 9 October 2009.

Free. A Circle Club members-only event.*

Community engagement efforts are always well intentioned . . . yet they can easily go wrong and lead to 'bad' decisions. To design and implement a successful engagement effort, you need to know the essential steps that lead to a quality outcome—and the pitfalls to avoid.

Join us for a lively one-hour discussion with Australian practitioner Vivien Twyford about what you need to know to create sustainable decisions. Drawing on more than 20 years experience with public, private, and NGO/nonprofit organizations, Twyford will share her insights and illustrate her talk with examples of community engagement done well—and not so well. The event will include a participant Q&A session.

Twyford is co-author1 of Beyond Public Meetings: Connecting Community Engagement with Decision-Making. Based on this insightful book, our interview will highlight:

  1. Why communities must be engaged to create better decisions
  2. How engaged communities can help make better decisions
  3. How to go beyond the public meeting by focusing on desired outcomes rather than tired techniques
  4. How to engage communities in a positive and productive way
  5. What successful community engagement looks like

Vivien Twyford is the founding partner of Twyfords, an Australian company that specializes in community engagement. Twyfords offers a range of services including strategic advice on designing purposeful engagement policies; evaluation frameworks; and training for decision-makers and practitioners in planning and undertaking engagement processes.


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1With Stuart Waters , Max Hardy, and John Dengate